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Devoted To Appreciating Our Military

Sending Letters

One letter could change a life. Talk2Troops is founded on this principle and wants to give this oppurtunity to everyone, free of charge.


Through your letters we remind troops around the world that they are not alone and that they remain unforgotten in the hearts and minds of their fellow Americans.

Honoring Their Service

Talk2Troops is committed to demonstrating appreciation for the brave service of the men and women of the U.S. Military.


Learn More About Talk2Troops And How It Works.

  • You Write Letters

    Talk2Troops gives everyone around the world the opportunity to write a letter to either an Active Duty Soldier, New Recruit, Wounded Warrior, or Veteran. You can send as many letters as you want and it is always free!

  • We Send Them

    From there we print out all of your letters, screen them, and send them to troops around the world in partnership with Operation Gratitude.

  • Be The Friend A Soldier Needs

    After receiving your letter troops, can then respond to your email address and you can sustain a friendship!

  • Get

Send A Letter

Please Fill Out The Form Below. Your email is used to send you responses from troops. No spam here!

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Meet The Team

Get To Know The People Behind This Project.

Ryan Bellissimo

Project Lead

Parker Thomas

Lead Developer

High-school junior, Ryan Bellissimo, envisioned Talk2Troops while sitting in his dorm room, and with technical skills from classmate Parker Thomas, the project was born. The project has grown rapidly, and today hundreds of letters are sent to aid troops across the world.